The folks behind the Path app for the iPhone/iPod touch have finally shown some love for Twitter. However, rather than updating its existing app to include Twitter interaction, it created a new one called With.

Launched seven months ago, Path arrived with a unique premise. Rather than relying on Facebook or Twitter to attract new users, it created it own network.

Path users capture life’s moments with their iPhone camera and then share those moments with 50 of their closest friends who are also using the app.

While Path eventually gave in and added some limited Facebook sharing, it never tied itself to Twitter.

Until now.

In many respects, With is hard to explain without first explaining how it is different than Path. Both apps are about sharing your daily life with others. However, unlike Path, which uses a limited ecosystem, With is all about connecting to other Twitter users who you happen to be “with” at that time.

In fact, With requires a Twitter login just to get started.

Once you do so, you share who you are with either by tagging their @names or by sharing a photo of the two of you.

Features include:

  • Share who you are with. Photo optional.
  • Free and Premium Lenses for making your photos better.
  • With is an interaction network. The friends you are with most often rise to the top of your profile.
  • Friendship has its benefits. Closer friends receive special benefits…with more to come.
  • Built entirely on top of Twitter with Twitter Single-Sign On.
  • Available worldwide for iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store
  • Available on the Web at:

According to TechCrunch, the team at Path has big plans for With. For one, it plans on integrating it with Path in the next few weeks.

For another, it hopes that once iOS 5 hits (which contains Twitter baked in), “you’ll be able to launch With right after you download it and be ready to go. No login required.”

Check out Path and With in the App Store today. Both are free and available for the iPhone/iPod touch.

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