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The Serengeti Comes Alive For Kids In Ansel & Clair’s African Adventure

Ansel & Clair

Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa ($4.99) by Cognitive Kid, Inc. takes you on a safari in Africa where kids will learn about different animals and regions. Kids will visit and hear stories about the Serengeti, Sahara and the Nile. Children will feel like they are actually visiting Africa and they can remember their trip by taking photos along the way.

Ansel & Clair

Ansel is a travel photographer from planet Virtoos and Claire is a Virtoosian robot. Together, they will travel Africa to learn about animals such as white back vultures, zebras, and crocodiles, along with features such as Mount Kilimanjaro, pyramids, and mummies. This is only the beginning of all the things kids will see and do in Africa with Ansel and Clair.

The teaching moments are clever and the dialog between Ansel and Clair will inspire kids to learn. Ansel often asks questions, which will engage a child’s curiosity. Older kids can read more facts and information by clicking on a particular animal. For the younger ones who are just learning, they can follow along as it is read aloud.

Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa allows kids to explore and learn through a contextual experience. Kids will keep a travel log, which they can review to see all the pictures they took along the way. This will help reinforce the things they have learned.

Ansel & Clair

During the adventure, there are some interactive games and mini puzzles, such as helping the animals get their fur back. This provides a little break and adds some variety to keep kids stimulated. Kids also help find some missing pieces of the spaceship that will bring Ansel and Clair back to Virtoos at the end of the trip. These are found along the way in the different regions of Africa.

As kids experience the story of Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa, they will gain a lot of knowledge about Africa and its habitats. They may be so interested that they start begging for a real trip. For now, they can enjoy the expedition, right from their own home.

Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa has been called one of the best educational apps for kids and it certainly lives up to its reputation. This is one of the most clever educational apps I have ever explored and reviewed. If you are looking for a great app for your kids over the summer, this is a must have for your education collection.

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