This week, we’ve seen a lot – Apple released unlocked iPhone 4 handsets, a Facebook for iPad app is (probably) coming and – as per usual – Apple is being sued.

These stories and more were just a few of the topics covered in the week that was.

Story Of The Week

iPhone 4 Unlocked FAQ: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Apple is now retailing unlocked iPhone 4 handsets, and upon hearing the news, we all went crazy. However, the availability of unlocked iPhone handsets from Apple Stores comes with a lot of fine print – fortunately, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know in one, handy post.

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Other News

Apple Sued Over iBooks Name

Another week, another lawsuit. This time, Apple is being sued over its use of the “iBooks” name by New York publisher John T. Colby.

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Apple’s “Back To School” Promotion Officially Launches – Free $100 iTunes Gift Card

Apple has finally launched its annual “Back to School” promotion. But, instead of offering Mac-buying students a free iPod touch, this year Apple is giving away $100 iTunes Gift Cards. Bad news? Yep, you got it.

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Say What? iCloud Powered By Microsoft, Amazon

Here’s something you won’t be reading in Apple’s iCloud promotional material; the cloud service relies on products from Microsoft and Amazon. In fact, for the time being anyway, it looks like Apple isn’t even using its North Carolina data center to backup data, according to ZDNet.

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The iPad 3 Gets A Wave Of Goofy Rumors

Oh dear, Reuters has been going rumor-crazy again. This time, the publication claims that – besides a new MacBook Air – Apple will be releasing a new iPad at the end of this year. And if that wasn’t outlandish enough, Reuters also claims the third generation iPad’s display will be improved by six times. Crazy? I think so, too.

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Nokia’s Long Reign At The Top Of Cell Phone Food Chain Coming To An End

For a long time, Nokia has been the number one cell phone manufacturer. However, the landscape is changing – and soon, the once-mighty company could lose its number one spot.

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Apple, Please Don’t Add Third-Party Widgets To iOS

Would third-party widgets be cool, or is there a chance they’d destroy the iOS as we know and love it? Already, jailbreak developers have been creating new notification widgets and releasing them in Cydia. If this was allowed legitimately, could the iOS become over-cluttered with widgets, and would they destroy the current user experience? For an understanding of this intense debate, take a look at our article.

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Comparison: iOS 5, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Windows Phone 7 Mango & BlackBerry 7 OS

We all love Apple’s iOS, but how does iOS 5 compare with the competition. According to this comparisons, the answer is “pretty darn well!”

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App News

Finally, A Facebook App For iPad Is (Probably) Coming

After a long wait, we’re expecting a Facebook for iPad application to arrive within a few months.

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Navigon(e): Garmin Purchases GPS Software Maker

I think this article also gets our “Best Headline” award, too. This week, we heard that Garmin has purchased Navigon, meaning two leading GPS companies will soon combine. But, will this be good news for iOS fans?

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UK Only: Sky Go – Live Streaming On Computers & iOS Devices, Coming July

UK Apple fans may soon be able to watch live TV on their iOS devices for a monthly fee.

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BBC iPlayer – Coming Soon To The USA?

For a long time, Americas have been waiting for BBC’s UK-exclusive iPlayer service to travel across the Atlantic and reach the States. This week, a snippet of information was discovered within the BBC News app – a notification claimed that BBC iPlayer was soon to premiere in other countries around the world. Furthermore, users of the app had the option of inputting their email address, for the chance receiving exclusive access to the service ahead of everyone else.

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