The popular zombie-smashing game, Zombie Highway, has recently been updated and is now a universal application.

Besides support for the iPad, the update (version 1.5) also brings “revised UI” and improved shooting mechanics, along with a variety of other fixes and improvements. However, the fact that Zombie Highway is now universal is what has most people excited – including myself.

This is because the game – which is great on the iPhone – is much better on the “big screen,” as you might expect.

If you’re not familiar with Zombie Highway, the app sees gamers take control of a truck driving along a “zombie highway.” Unsurprisingly, zombies are everywhere along this patch of road, and its your job to drive the truck as far as possible, while destroying as many zombies as you can.

Zombie Highway is an endless game – players clock up their score, and see how far they can get. It’s a lot of fun and very addictive, and for $0.99 it’s hardly expensive, either.

Check out the recently updated Zombie Highway in the App Store, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.