In the end, it didn’t look pretty, but an iPhone 4 fell 13,500 feet and survived, according to news first reported by CNN.

Already cracked after his 2-year-old knocked it off a bathroom shelf, Jarrod McKinney’s iPhone took the plunge literally recently when it fell out of its owners pocket during a skydiving drop.

However, even though the handset’s glass was completely broken, the iDevice still worked.

McKinney, who is from Minnesota, found his shattered iPhone about a half-mile away from where he landed using a GPS tracking app.

To confirm the iPhone still worked, Joe Johnson, McKinney’s skydiving instructor, called the shattered phone and it worked.

In March, we reported that a U.S. Air Force controller accidently dropped his iPhone 1,000 feet above the ground. And in that case, just like this one, the iPhone survived.

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