iPod. iPhone. iTunes. These words come to mind when you think “Music Player” these days. Who really burns many CDs anymore? When you talk music player, you pretty much mean your iDevice (Especially if you are reading this). So what do we do when we want to listen to music in our cars, but we don’t want to crash into something while we fiddle with the controls? Hitting the treadmill but can’t focus on the arm bobbing up and down to hit that tiny “skip” button? Ahhh… This brings us to another AppGuide. (Side Note: These work best with a car dock such as the “All Kit” that can be found on Amazon. It is not recommended you use these apps with a regular cord from the headphone jack to your lap, as that defeats the purpose of “hand and eye free music playing”.)

We’ve added the elegant app CarTunes Music Player to this AppGuide, and not only that, but we have two copies of the app to give away. To enter, simply retweet this article or comment below. Contest ends July 12 at 9:00 EDT. Good luck!

Music Control While Driving