Apple has tweaked the Notification Center gesture in iOS 5 beta 3. Now, when users are in a full-screen iOS app, a swipe-down from the top of the iPhone’s screen will instead reveal a “hook,” instead of revealing Notification Center in full. If you want to access Notification Center, simply drag down on the hook once it appears.

The news of this improvement was discovered by the Italian blog, iSpazio (Google Translate). As you can see in the above three screenshots, the first and second screens display the hook (at the top, in the center). Pulling down on this reveals Notification Center.

This means playing full-screen games in iOS 5 is now a much improved experience: Previously, it was very easy to accidentally drag down Notification Center while playing a game that involved interaction with the top of the iPhone’s screen. Now, activating Notification Center in full-screen apps is a two-part process.

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