Gesundheit! and Gesundheit! HD have already hit the NZ App Store and should be available on the U.S. App Store later tonight. The game is an arcade-style puzzler played from a top-down perspective. The game is being brought to you by Konami and the developers at Revolutionary Concepts.

You take the role of a pig with allergies who needs to help fellow villagers escape the wrath of monsters. His village was destroyed and he has to make his way to safety along with the villagers through a variety of levels.

What is striking about the game is just how awesome its visuals are. They look like they were made out of paper. The app description describes them as being hand-drawn (or at least that was the aim with the style). The levels are also quite varied and very colorful in nature.

For those who like a modern take on classic arcade games, in the vein of Bomberman or Pac-Man, you should find Gesundheit! a blast.

Gesundheit! is currently available on the NZ App Store at a price of $1.29 NZ, which should translate to $0.99 USD.

Gesundheit! HD currently costs $2.59 NZ, which should translate to $1.99 USD.