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Bashi Blocks ($0.99) by Icon Games Entertainment Ltd is a mix between Breakout and table hockey. More than just a copycat of the two combined, this game offers plenty of bonuses, obstacles and downright fun. With 90 different levels to play, you will be occupied for hours. Bashi Blocks is on sale for half off for a limited time.

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This break-the-block game is feature rich. You can play classic mode or tournament mode. In tournament mode, you can change the level order and adjust the number of rounds to play for the highest score which will be posted to the Game Center leader board. In Classic mode, you travel from planet to planet, playing across 10 different worlds with each level adding enemies and obstacles for you to contend with.

Not only do you have to break the blocks by bouncing a soccer ball off of your platform, but you must also try to pick up bonuses like double platforms and fireballs as they fall from blocks. You will be fired upon by enemy weapon droids that will be trying to stop your success. On top of all of this, your ultimate desire is to score a goal on the opposing, computer generated team.

In addition to the challenging levels, you can create your own levels and upload them to the Bashi Blocks game for others to try out. You can also download levels that others have created for additional gameplay. You can change the settings between finger slide and button controls. You can also adjust the volume of the music and sound effects separately.

Additionally, Bashi Blocks is available in HD quality for the iPad for $2.99.

Overall, this game is fun, addictive and full of features. The bonuses and enemies that abound make it challenging and offers a great deal of replay value. Regularly priced at $1.99, it is now on sale for just $0.99, it is worth that and more. Any fan of Breakout will fall in love with Bashi Blocks.