A new racing game is hitting the App Store tonight and is already available on the New Zealand store, it’s called Dream Track Nation. The game has been released as a universal app and offers some unique gameplay. It is also being brought to you by Chillingo.

Dream Track Nation is a racing game played from a 2D or side-scrolling perspective. There is also a physics element present with the player having to overcome obstacles, or crash into them.

You will be hitting structures built out of wooden blocks, thus causing your truck to flip around in midair, akin to how birds hit these structures in Angry Birds. Dream Track Nation clearly shares some inspiration with that puzzle game, but is not based on finger swipes or sending objects flying into the air.

This is a racing game at its core. There are two modes of gameplay offered, and a track editor where you can design your own racetracks. The tracks already offered have a very silly or surreal look to them, and are meant to give you a unique experience.

The game has some really far-out and whacky visuals, but an overall great art style. Everything is very polished, from the clouds in the air to the buildings and houses on the ground. The app description mentions this art style as being based on a “patchwork quilt” design.

As you race you will also be collecting stars, using power-ups, and jumping over huge gaps. The game also includes Wi-Fi based multiplayer so you can challenge your friends anywhere.

Dream Track Nation is already available on the NZ App Store at a price of $1.29, which should translate to $0.99 USD.