Despite the millions that went into its development, the controversial “Color” app is a dud. Letting you see pictures taken by the people around you might sound like a good idea, but if nobody else is on the service, there isn’t much of a point to it. Well, the folks from Instacolor came up with an interesting spin on the concept this week, and ported the functionality to the incredibly popular Instagram service, with an app of their own.

For $.99, Instacolor allows you to find Instagram pictures based on where they were taken. With over five million Instagram users on the network, chances are you’ll find some pics near you anywhere in the world. We tried it ourselves in some pretty remote places, and still got lucky. Best of all, you’re free to look at other locations, to see if anyone took some interesting shots. Note that if you’re just looking for nearby Instagrams, the website Instabam offers the same functionality for free right in your browser.

Instacolor is available on the App Store now for $.99.

[via Techcrunch]