Geom-e-Twee by John Miller (Free) is a wonderful little app that will help plant in the heart of your child that will sprout and blossom into a love of learning about geometry. The app allows children to manipulate shapes and angles to make virtual “trees” and now it’s in color!

Geom-e-Twee is the children’s version of Geom-e-Tree. Geom-e-Tree is geared more towards the adult crowd and is less colorful but more intricate. Both version are incredibly fun and provides wonderful, relaxing fun. Sit and manipulate shapes to form trees and any number of other formations. Once you create a shape you love, simply take a picture and save it to your tree garden.

Not only does the app now offer colors, but now provides several fun themes to choose from. It’s a great way to introduce kids to shapes and angles, and it’s free through the end of the summer! The app is universal and looks great whether you’re using it on the iPhone or the iPad.

For the previous full review of Geom-e-Tree, go (the grown-up version) here. Keep in mind that the version of the app discussed in this news piece, Geom-e-Twee, is free through the end of the summer.