The IntelliVocab apps are a series of applications offering comprehensive vocabulary training for various exams. They are designed to help students prepare for these exams by learning the definitions of words through interactive practice sessions. IntelliVocab for Business is the latest in this series of apps and should be quite useful for anyone studying business administration.

The app offers training in vocabulary words through written and voice-recognition. You can hear how the words are pronounced and see them spelled out. You will also learn the definitions of these words. These words are the same ones you will see on many exams.

IntelliVocab for Business, like IntelliVocab for SAT and IntelliVocab for GRE and GMAT, has been designed by research from the MIT computer science, artificial intelligence and MIT Web semantics labs. If you want an app that offers intuitive and interactive vocabulary-based training, check out IntelliVocab for Business.

The app is currently available for iPhone on the App Store at a price of $.99.