An upcoming jailbreak tweak has the ability to save users’ iTunes password, making App Store purchases all the more speedier.

The tweak is being developed by Filippo Biga (of the Italian website, iSpazio). As you can see in the demo video below, when enabled, the tweak literally saves users’ iTunes passwords, meaning they do not have to re-entered when purchases are made. Clearly, this tweak has its benefits – I enter my iTunes password several times each day, and having the password saved would be helpful.

However, this isn’t the kind of jailbreak tweak I would want to use, namely for security reasons. I mean, if your iPhone gets into the wrong pair of hands, a number of unauthorized purchases could be made in a small amount of time, because your password would effectively be pre-entered. There are obviously pros and cons to this tweak.

Is it the kind of tweak you would download and use? Let us know in the comments.