If you want your photos to truly stand out from the pack and make people look their best, check out Beautify for the iPhone. The facial recognition app adjusts and enhances your photos so you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, dating sites, or just marvel at them yourself.

Beautify gives your subject an instant makeover by automatically detecting any flaws or aspects of the photo that can be improved. Here are some of the things Beautify will improve in a photograph:

  • Smooths and tones skin
  • Whitens teeth
  • Improves lips
  • Shapes eyebrows
  • Lifts eyelids
  • Improves facial symmetry

The other great thing about Beautify is that you can choose the amount of touch up the app will apply for you. There is a “beautify level” slider that previews how the photo will look at various touch-up levels. Anyone who photographs people or shoots portraits should check out Beautify for iPhone.

Beautify is currently available on the App Store for $1.99.