Trouble Brothers makes some great board games for iOS — iPad in particular. One of these titles, Wizard Hex, has just gotten a nice update. The update brings the game to version 1.3.1 and adds online multiplayer to the mix. Multiplayer is enabled using Game Center.

Wizard Hex is a game where the object is to take over the hexagonal board with various wizard elements presented in the form of coins. You get to choose or pick out elements before matches. There are elements that will help you defend, as well as others that will be used to attack.

The game looks like a modern take on Chinese checkers, but with more options and magic involved.

“You begin as an Apprentice, learn to be a Journeyman and eventually challenge yourself and others at the Wizard Level. You play not only your own element but the friendly elements found on either side. Together you struggle to Expand to new regions, Transmute from Bronze to Silver to indestructible Gold, and Attack when the opportunity arises. All the time defending and consolidating a winning position. A new strategy game of resource management and area control — Chess or Go for the modern age,” according to the app description.

The game is designed for from one to six players, friends or computer opponents. The recent multiplayer update added online play of up to four players. Voice chat, and leaderboards have also been added.

You can grab Wizard Hex right now as a universal app on the App Store for $2.99.