Google announced it has sold 130 million Android-based devices. Of these, however, only a small percentage are tablets, according to The Next Web.

During Google’s Q2 Earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page stated that there are 130 million Android devices and 6 billion app installs from the Android Market.

Google’s own measurements state that just 0.9 percent of active Android users have devices with screen sizes of 7” or above.

This means that just 1.17 million Android tablets are currently in the market.

This compares to 28.73 iPads sold through the end of June.

It should be noted that The Next Web’s analysis follows John Gruber’s own that used the same measurements. Gruber, however, quoted the total number of Android-based devices at 135 million.

Therefore, he concluded there were 1.21 million Android tablets.

Of course, this modest difference doesn’t really matter. Whether the true number of Android-based tablets is 1.17 million or 1.21 million, it doesn’t compare very well with the iPad.

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