Jump Angry Slime, Jump! by Twizz Entertainment icon

Jump Angry Slime, Jump! ($0.99) by Twizz Entertainment is a platformer game for the iPhone where you are a cute, little slime trying to defeat the evil Ooze King and save the slime princess.

Jump Angry Slime, Jump! by Twizz Entertainment screenshot

You must help your slime navigate through levels and mazes. You will go up against many different enemies, so be careful in choosing your path and ensure your timing is just right. The slime cannot jump through black ceilings/floors, though, so you will have to navigate the map carefully.

The controls consist of a directional pad for movement, a shoot button, and a jump button. I did find the D-Pad to be a bit difficult to control when moving a finger over it, however. Most times, tapping on the D-Pad direction I wanted to go in was more efficient than pressing and holding it down.

There are two modes of gameplay. In story mode, you fight through the levels to save the slime princess. Collect the gems and fill up your power meter, you’ll need this power to defeat your enemies. There are 50 levels in total, so it’s not easy.

In survival mode, you will fight your way through many minions to reach the evil Ooze King’s crypt before the timer runs out. In this mode, the gems will add more time to the timer.

Jump Angry Slime, Jump! by Twizz Entertainment screenshot

The hand-drawn graphics are very cute and very well done. Eventually, you can even unlock new colors for your slime. I guess this is kind of like getting armor upgrades, but this time it’s just skin. Game Center support is also included.

This is a cute game that is both challenging and fun. It’s only one dollar in the App Store and I would say it’s worth it, especially if you love platformers. Or, if you want, give the free version a try first if you’d like to decide for yourself.