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Summify (Free) by Context Media Technologies Inc. is an easy-to-use summarizing tool for your social and news feeds.

It can be somewhat overwhelming to sift through all of your tweets, status updates, and news feeds, so stay in the loop and up to date with the top content, all on your iPhone.

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Once you add your feeds — currently only Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader — Summify will access the information and only show you what is most relevant. But, you must let it do it’s thing; the initial set up process takes two to three hours (depending on how big your feeds actually are).

The relevance algorithm is based on how much the specific stories and information is shared (e.g. retweets, likes, comments). So, if you’re brave enough to put your trust in your peers to decide what is most important for you to read, give this one a try.

You can set the preferences to update anywhere from five to 10 stories at once. Also, decide how often the summary will be available (every six hours or only once every three days). The app will push notifications to your phone once your summary has arrived and is ready to view. You can even choose to receive email updates with summaries which are nice, but I prefer to read within the app.

Summify by Context Media Technologies Inc. screenshot

I half-expected the in-app scrolling to be laggy or slow, due to how many people I follow on Twitter in particular, but was pleasantly surprised to find it flowed very well. Reading the news articles in the app is also very clean and polished. Everything was intact, including graphics and text spacing.

For a free app, it works extremely well and is a welcome addition to anyone looking to save time and still get the information they need. This app does what it aims to do and does it very efficiently.