Swift Bird by App Lab icon

Swift Bird ($0.99) by App Lab is a new iPhone game in which you’re — well, would you look at that, you’re a bird! As if there aren’t enough bird games in the App Store already, this one seems to recycle Tiny Wings graphics and even samples Angry Birds.

Swift Bird by App Lab screenshot

Enter a world where you are a bird and are attacked for eating candy. These other birds are not going to give it up without a fight. See how long you can last and eat the most candies to get the highest score!

Just touch the screen to fly to a certain area (think click-to-move). Make sure to stay afloat as well, and stay far away from the other birds who want you dead. But whatever you do, do not stop eating candies as they are the only thing keeping you alive.

All the while you’re trying to avoid running into the enraged fowl, you can shake your phone to attack them, but only once you’ve eaten some “weapon candy.” These special weapon candies will look a bit different than the regular candies that you must eat to live and score points. The candy will disappear within about five to 10 seconds, so be sure to go after it as soon as you see it pop up.

The different birds do different things. For example, the big black bird will stop randomly and literally take a dump on you if you’re anywhere underneath him. And beware the ground! Before I really knew what I was doing, I took a couple of face plants straight into the grass. My advice? Don’t follow suit; this causes you to die. And it’s pretty pitiful to watch your little birdie literally eat dirt.

Swift Bird by App Lab screenshot

This game is both Game Center and OpenFeint enabled and is one dollar in the App Store. It’s pretty entertaining, but how much can we recycle the same games (even if it is mainly the graphics)? It’s fun and plays very well, but still does not match up to either of the games it’s trying to mimic.

But, then again, who can really touch Angry Birds or Tiny Wings, no matter how hard they try?