In just a day or so, depending on where you live, you will be able to play the critically acclaimed Sid Meier’s Pirates! remake on the iPad. Sid Meier’s Pirates! is hitting the iPad Thursday, July 21, according to IGN. The game is a port of the original Xbox, PC, and Playstation Portable title that was a remake of the 1987 MicroProse original for DOS.

The game features gorgeous 3D visuals, various places to explore, and a sandbox style of gameplay with free roaming. The aim is to become the ultimate pirate captain as you progress in the game and take on a crew. You will have to do various things like fight other ships, engage in melee sword fights, and conquer territories.

The story starts out with your family being kidnapped, so you take to the seas in search for them. Soon enough you will be pillaging and stealing valuable loot.

Because of the sandbox or open world nature of the title, you can do a variety of things in the game to succeed in your adventure.

“It’s up to you to decide whether you pursue your family, or whether you spend your life focusing on becoming the greatest pirate who ever lived, spending your days thieving and looking for buried treasure,” according to IGN.

There were a couple of differences between the PSP version and the other editions of the remake, so it will be interesting to see which version will hit the iPad. The differences were mostly in the mini-games and a couple of free roaming elements that were taken out of the PSP version.

IGN reports that the game plays and looks great on the iPad. Apparently, the controls have also made the transition nicely.

“The transition to iPad is pretty natural. The entire game has been brought over to Apple’s tablet, with customized menus and controls to take advantage of the touch screen… The controls of the original Pirates! were intentionally simple, and so far they work really well on the iPad with its lack of buttons,” according to IGN.

The game is set to launch at a price of $3.99, which will be increased to $6.99 after July 25.