Say hello to Skrappy, a fun and easy way to create photo albums and scrapbooks on the iPad. The $.99 app recently arrived in the App Store.

Created by Giada International, the app allows users to create virtual masterpieces using a combination of music, movies, voice memos, web pages, text, and photos.

Skrappy looks like it could be the fourth member of Apple’s own suite of iWork apps, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. However, instead of sitting on a grey background, each album/scrapbook here resides on a beautiful wood panel that moves back and forth with a swipe of a finger.

Plus, like with the others, Skrappy comes with a comprehensive Getting Started guide that acts as its own album.

Skrappy - Getting Started Guide

Skrappy - Getting Started Guide

Check out this video:

Features include:

  • Multimedia – music, movies, voice memos and web pages in addition to the standard photos and text.
  • Built-in web browser for adding clip art or backgrounds straight from the web.
  • Book style page flipping.
  • Easy themes for getting started.
  • Advanced editing such as text attributes, borders, crop shapes, fills, shadows, and more.
  • In-place multi-line text editing that can even be added to objects like movies.

Skrappy has potential and at $.99, definitely worth the price of admission. However, as a Version 1.2 release, it still needs some work.

For one, the app comes with just six basic themes. These include: My Music, Party!, Photo Album, Recipes, Romance, and Traveller.

Hopefully, the folks behind Skrappy will someday include more themes; and no, not just themes included in some sort of in-app package that will cost users more.

In addition, the navigation icons within each album need enlarged. They are difficult to see and this takes away from the app’s ease of use.

Skrappy Icons - Hard To See

Skrappy Icons - Hard To See

Overall, however, Skrappy is an interesting and worthwhile app for those wanting a tool to make albums or scrapbooks. It is available today in the App Store.