With July almost over, we’re headed into the final five months of 2011. With that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to look back and consider our favorite iPad apps since January.

Note: We’ll release our list of the Top 10 iPad Games for 2011, so far, this weekend. Therefore, don’t expect any games on this list.

In no particular order, here are our Top 10 iPad Apps Of 2011, through July:

The Civil War Today

The Civil War Today

The Civil War Today

Any history buff will love this app that offers a day-by-day look at the American Civil War. Best of all, new episodes arrive each day and will so until 2015!

TweetyPop – Twitter, Reimagined

Originally released in April, this app offers a unique 3D Twitter-Space for viewing tweets. Plus, we can’t say enough about TweetyPop’s Screensaver mode that automatically advances through your tweets so you don’t have to.

Groove for iPad

Groove is what your iPad’s iPod app should be, but isn’t. After scanning the songs currently residing on your tablet, the app organizes them in a way that is just plain refreshing. The end result is the best looking player for iPad to date.




Always a favorite with Mac fans, GarageBand for iPad debuted in March to rave reviews. Plus, Apple just made it even better with the app’s first update.

Aelios Weather

Checking weather has never been so cool and extraordinary since this app debuted in May. Using a combination of a 24-hour virtual watch and rotational mode dial, users won’t care if the forecast for tomorrow is sunny or chance of showers.

NYPL Biblion: World’s Fair

Using a combination of original essays and old photographs, the New York Public Library takes us back in time with this app. Best of all, its UI is second to none, as it lets you move from stack to stack with ease.

Our Choice

The controversial topic of global warming takes center stage in this Al Gore-produced interactive book first available in April. Our Choice includes stunning photograph plus a multi-touch interface that is original.

MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad

MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad

MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad

Any MLB fan not using this app is not a baseball fan at all. Not only is the 2011 edition of this app better than its predecessor, but it keeps getting better with each occasional free update.

Zite Personalized Magazine

Released in March, Zite is your personalized magazine that offers news only from the topics you like. Best of all, the more you use the app, the more personalized its offerings become.


Qwiki is an innovative and completely interactive way to read about some 3,000,000 topics, including subjects located near you. Along the way, you’ll receive the “Qwiki of the Day,” a link to the most popular stories of the day, and much more.


What do you think of our Top 10 list? What did we leave out? Let us know by using the comments below.