According to a recent survey carried out by the consumer electronics website Retrevo, over one third of iPhone owners think they already have 4G.

This is crazy! A massive one third (34 percent, to be precise) of iPhone owners somehow think they’re using a super-fast LTE network, as opposed to a regular, old 3G network. Unsurprisingly, 22 percent of the people surveyed noted that they don’t think 4G performance is all that good, or worth the cost.

Perhaps the confusion lies within the naming of Apple’s iPhones: The original iPhone was EDGE-only and the iPhone 3G added support for AT&T’s 3G network. The iPhone 3GS was also 3G, and then Apple released the iPhone 4: Perhaps a handful of iPhone 4 owners mistakingly believe the “4″ to represent support for 4G.

Then again, some people might just not know what they’re buying.

AT&T recently announced that it’ll be rolling out its LTE network in five lucky U.S. cities. However, in order to access this on an iOS device alone, you’ll need to wait for Apple to release an LTE-enabled iPhone and iPad. Fortunately, AT&T has released a handy modem that allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to tune-in to the carrier’s 4G network.

According to the survey, 40 percent of the people questions said they’d buy the next iPhone, regardless of whether it packs support for AT&T’s LTE network. How do you feel about 4G? Let us know in the comments.

[via The Loop]