In just a couple of days iOS gamers will be able to enjoy the breakout WiiWare hit Sword and Soldiers. It’s a 2D real-time strategy game that has been available for quite some time on console downloadable networks (like WiiWare). The game will be available for both iPhone and iPad according to a two Tribes Games tweet.

The game plays from a 2D side-scrolling perspective with the player having one side of the map as a base and the opponent having their base directly across on a 2D plane. The player has to defend against the enemy troops coming in and at the same time send troops to destroy the enemy base.

Sword and Soldiers features a great art style that looks almost hand drawn, and it has players controlling three different factions. Viking, Aztec and Chinese are all available with their own unique bases and leaders who hover above the ground to inspect the battlefield.

If you want to get a scoop on the gameplay, and be familiar with some of the tactics involved in getting ahead once the game comes out, check out the guide available on Two Tribe Games’ blog.