A new service is now available which provides more control over the Instagram photos you post on Facebook. With instafb, you can transfer your Instagram photos into an album so you can tag your friends and they will always be able to access your creative masterpieces.

Currently, the Instagram app publishes a photo on your wall, similar to a message post. However, it does not place it into an actual photo album where it can be easily accessed at a later time.

To set up this free service, visit the instafb website and sync your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Then, instafb will automatically import all the Instagram photos that are currently in your Facebook profile.


The next time you visit Facebook, you should see the album you set up for your photos. From now on, all your Instagram photos will be uploaded into this album. You can tag the photos, edit the captions or make changes, just like your other photos and albums.

This is a nice way to manage Instagram photos. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. The album will only hold 50 of your photos, so if you are an Instagram nut, you may have to continually clear some out.

Also, even if you have Facebook turned off in the Instagram app, your photo will still upload to Facebook. If you decide to use this service, make sure you are willing to put all of your Instagram photos on Facebook.

Another way to put your Instagram photos into an album is to manually upload the photo directly from your camera roll. This is done within the Facebook app or the browser.  However instafb will automatically put your Instagram shots into the designated folder, which saves a couple of steps.

Overall, instafb is a step up from how Instagram interfaces with Facebook. With a couple of tweaks, this service could be a nice add-on to the Instagram app.

Currently, the creators of instafb are also working on a Google+ application, so all you early adopters to this new social media service will be in luck soon!