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Block Breaker 3 Unlimited, $.99, Released July 7

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited Is A Refreshing Twist On The Arcade Classic

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited by Gameloft is the latest iteration of the Block Breaker series. This isn’t just a new version of the popular arcade game that you’ve probably played countless times before, it’s a complete overhaul of how Breakout clones should be.

If you’ve played this traditional game before, then you should be familiar with it already. You just have to use the pad at the bottom to reflect the ball up at the bricks to clear the stage to clear it.

New Releases

Instacolor, $.99, Released July 5

Find Instagram Pictures Near You With Instacolor

Despite the millions that went into its development, the controversial “Color” app is a dud. Letting you see pictures taken by the people around you might sound like a good idea, but if nobody else is on the service, there isn’t much of a point to it. Well, the folks from Instacolor came up with an interesting spin on the concept this week, and ported the functionality to the incredibly popular Instagram service, with an app of their own.

Monarchia: Second Dawn, $1.99, Released July 5

Monarchia: Second Dawn Now Available

Are you a Harvest Moon fan? If so, and you happen to own an iDevice, check out Monarchia: Second Dawn from Rebel Dwarf. The game mixes city building with strategy and tactics and is set in medieval times. There is also some task management involved and you, as the chief, have various resources at your disposal to build your village into an empire.

Armored Combat: Tank Warefare Online, $1.99 & Universal, Released July 7

Armored Combat: Tank Warfare Online Offers Intense Multiplayer Action

Armored Combat: Tank Warfare Online has been released as a universal app. The game is a 3D, top-down, multiplayer-focused tank game with a lot of action and firepower involved. The game offers a deathmatch experience unlike any other on the App Store, with players battling it out online using WWII-based weaponry.


Festivals, Free, Updated July 7 Launched Amazing New Festivals App recently released its free Festivals app for the iPhone/iPod touch. Its purpose is to make finding nearby festivals simple and it really does.

In 2010, launched a new website exclusively for users to find upcoming music festivals primarily in the U.S. and Europe. Now that same information is available in app format, albeit only for U.S. users.

Springpad, Free & Universal, Updated July 7

Springpad App Now Includes Notifications, More

For our increasingly cluttered lives, we can thank Springpad to keep things moving in the right direction. Now, the universal note management app has received a nice update.

Created by Spring Partners, Springpad is a companion app for the site by the same name. It allows both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad owners to gather important information for review later.

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