If you have been patiently awaiting the App Store released of Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics, the wait is coming to an end. Touch Arcade reports that the game has been submitted to Apple and is in the review process. Look for it to hit in the coming days.

“I blasted out a tweet polling developers for recent App Store approval turnaround times lately, and assuming there aren’t any show stopping bugs or other reasons for apple (sic) to mash the big red “REJECT” button we could be playing FFT potentially as early as this Thursday, but more likely next Thursday, if Squeenix sees similar approval times,” Touch Arcade states.

It would be great to see the game this Thursday, but it seems that we shouldn’t hold out too much hope. Apple is sometimes known for a long approval process, while other times apps get approved quickly. Either way, once the game hits, it should provide a nice retro throwback to the Playstation 1-era of games from Squaresoft (before Square-Enix merged) that gained a massive following.

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical game based on the Final Fantasy storyline. It features many of the same characters, visuals and game mechanics as the trademark series. However, it is a strategy role-playing game, in which you have to lay out your troops tactically, and engage in strategic battles.

If you have the patience for such a game on a mobile platform and are looking to scratch that SRPG itch, then you should be in for a treat this, or next Thursday.