If you are a fan of turn-based deep strategy games with many battles to win, check out Tactical Warrior for the iPhone. The game has recently dropped in price to only $.99 and offers a lot of bang for the buck if you are a fan of this strategic genre.

Although the visuals are top-down, 2D-sprite-based, and simple by today’s standards, they do look quite charming and colorful, especially if you are a retro gamer. The game will have you undertake battles against a wide range of opponents and creatures, ranging from badgers and bears, to skilled warriors.

According to the app description, Tactical Warrior also incorporates RPG elements and isn’t just a turn-based strategy game. You can discover new items and upgrade your army as you progress. Here is the list of the game’s features:


  • 10 Classes of Warriors – Each with a variety of attacks and passive abilities to choose from.
  • 60 Items – Find some chain mail and a book of mastery to replace that stale bread your (sic) wielding.
  • 100+ Battles – The single player campaign features well over 100 battles ranging from a one sided battle against a badger to challenging battles against bears, skilled warriors and more.
  • Hot Seat Multiplayer – Challenge your friends in hot seat multiplayer skirmishes.
  • 60+ Achievements – Unlock over 60 various achievements on Game Centre (sic) ranging from trivial achievements to great challenges.

If you want a light-hearted and combat-focused TBS game to play on the iPhone, you may want to take a look at Tactical Warrior.

The game is currently available for iPhone and on sale for $.99 on the App Store.