XVision’s smartphone usage monitoring apps, DataMan Pro and VoiceMan, have gone through a few significant phases since their releases, but the company is determined to make a set of utilities customers will find essential to their iPhone. Yesterday, XVision released updates to both apps, adding a few highly requested features, including the ability to set peak hours.

What was a feature in DataMan before the offering revamp, transformed into DataMan Free, has now returned to the new “pro” version. When viewing the daily, weekly, and monthly details in DataMan Pro v4.3.1, you should notice a Wi-Fi usage counter once again near the top of the screen and color-coded totals listed below.

The VoiceMan update is quite a bit more substantial, rightfully earning a jump to v2.0. With almost all cellular service providers offering free night and weekend voice use, the totals reported by iOS and some other apps can be very deceiving if you make numerous calls during off-peak hours. Whether you find it a tad late or not, the fact remains that being able to offset your minute totals by eliminating complimentary minutes is a great feature to have. Adjustable by time range or selectable as “free all-day,” the new “Free Minutes” section in the settings area can help keep your running totals more accurate.

DataMan Pro version 4.3.1 and VoiceMan version 2.0 - Wi-Fi and Free Minutes

Usage overview from DataMan Pro (left) / VoiceMan (right)

Not quite as common, but still important for the highest accuracy, is the option of establishing your billing plan type for voice use. Available within settings, the “Billing Method” option allows the choice between per minute and per second billing plan identification.

And finally, introduced in last month’s update to DataMan Pro for iPad with 3G, both DataMan Pro and VoiceMan now contain the optional siren alert feature. When enabled, the app sounds a very obvious siren for the fourth and final (100% usage) notification instead of the standard, unobtrusive push alert.

Why should you care about active monitoring apps like DataMan Pro and VoiceMan? A number of ways exist to check our voice and data usage, such as the AT&T and Verizon websites, myAT&T app, calling *DATA# (*3282#) and *MIN# (*646#) from your AT&T iPhone, or calling #DATA (#3282) and #MIN (#646) from your Verizon iPhone. However, only the iOS counter is nearly instantaneous on reporting the statistics, and it doesn’t account for free minutes. Although, the biggest concern with the iOS counter is the need to manually reset it when a new billing cycle begins, and as far as AT&T’s reporting goes:

There are delays in reporting and processing call or data records. It may take up to two to five days for usage on the AT&T wireless network to show up in any Voice & Data Usage category. Additional delays may occur due to technical difficulties. Further delays may apply to roaming usage, which is based on call records received from other carriers.

DataMan Pro is compatible with iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99. VoiceMan is compatible with iPhone running iOS 4.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99.