With our Blockado Jungle and Blockado Desert giveaways complete, it’s time to wrap this work week up with one final Blockado giveaway. Today we’re providing you puzzle game fanatics with a chance to win one of 10 promo codes for Bitfield’s Blockado Mountain ($.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

Blockado Mountain is a block sliding puzzle game set in a beautiful mountainous environment. It shares the same main objective as previous games in the series, which require you to slide blocks all over the place in order to get the treasures to their exits, but features a variety of new block types that make the challenge all the more difficult.

Ice blocks and switches

Solving puzzles is as simple as tapping and dragging on blocks in order to free up the treasures trapped within them. Early puzzles feature basic concepts and blocks to help you get a hang of the gameplay, while later puzzles will have you flipping switches, sliding ice blocks, compressing springs and pulling snake blocks all over the map.

After completing a puzzle you will receive a star rating, which is based on the number of moves used and the amount of time taken to complete a puzzle. You can also get a better look at the puzzle to help plan each of your moves by placing your finger over the eye icon in the right corner of the screen and sliding your finger to move the camera.

Blockado Mountain includes a total of 60 puzzles in adventure mode, undo and redo, a hint system, and the ability to add new puzzles free of charge by simply scanning QR codes with your iDevice’s camera. You can find and scan QR puzzle codes on Bitfield’s dedicated Blockado site, or you can create your very own puzzles using the free Blockado editor, convert them into codes, and then share them with friends.

To have a chance at winning one of three Blockado Mountain promo codes, simply hit that blue tweet button near the bottom of this page or retweet this post from your favorite Twitter app before 11:59 PM PDT tonight (August 26th). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly choose our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message.

Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can simply leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 PM PST tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other seven promo codes.

Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both.

Blockado Mountain's new spring and snake blocks