Amazon, a company with its fair share of ups and downs, has had a pretty good run lately. Indeed, we expect even greater things for the retail giant in the coming months and years if the e-book king can stick to its guns and not lose any focus…

On, say, something like this:

That’s right, folks. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has patented the concept of airbags for your mobile device! Essentially, the idea here is to sleeve your phone (or tablet, we assume) in a protective case that uses accelerometers or laser rangefinders to detect a drop and imminent impact, at which point the case ejects tiny airbags to cushion the device’s fall. But how can you be sure the thing’ll fall right-side up? Tiny jets of compressed air will turn this baby around mid-drop!

There are, of course, so many absurdities in this particular solution that it’s hard to know where to start the ridicule. The cost of such a thing? It’s bulk and heft? The risk of having it painfully deploy in your pocket? The one-time-use nature of airbags in general? The list goes on.

Still, the way things are going, it’s probably a good idea to just go ahead and patent every idea your engineering team comes up with.