The tower defense game that has you attacking, rather than defending, enemy sructures is finally hitting the App Store. Anomaly Warzone Earth is already available on the NZ App Store and should hit your store on Thursday.

The game has great visuals and is being ported from the Mac and PC. It also gained critical success due to the mix of offensive weapons you can use to attack enemy structures.

You can use aerial assaults or ground troops and combine arms together. The game mixes together both RTS and tower defense elements. Most tower defense games have you defend a base, rather than use offensive wit and strategy to overtake the enemy.

If you enjoy strategy games, definitely give it a shot.

Anomaly Warzone Earth currently costs $2.59 NZ, which should translate to $1.99 USD.

The iPad version, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, is available on the New Zealand App Store for $5.29 NZ, which should translate to $3.99 USD.