In a recent job listing, Apple notes that the company is in the process of developing “exciting new features” for location services within the iOS.

The listing, for an “iOS QA Location Engineer,” explains that part of the role will involve “working on exciting new features for iOS location services.”

A major complaint with the iOS Maps app is its lack of a navigation feature. For a while now, Android fans have been able to enjoy “Google Maps with Navigation” on their smart phones. However, there is no built-in navigation feature within Apple’s mobile operating system.

Perhaps this job listing hints at the development of a navigation feature for the Maps app. Alternatively, considering the built-in app is powered by Google, this listing could hint at the development of Apple’s own mapping software. (After all, Apple has purchased various mapping companies in the past.)

Then again, these “exciting new features” could amount to nothing at all. We’ll keep you posted.

[via Apple Insider]