From secret clues about upcoming hardware, to new features, Apple is hiding many things inside iOS. Obviously, our favorite mobile system has gotten quite complex over the years, on-par with a desktop some would argue, and it’s probably getting complicated for Apple to keep everything that goes in it under strict control.

Another evidence of that are two shortcuts, discovered by jailbreak extraordinaire @comex last night. The first one is a url-scheme that allows you to fake incoming FaceTime calls. All you need to do is follow this link: facetime-accept://Mom from an iOS device and it will look just like you’re getting a call. You can even adapt it by changing the name: facetime-accept://AppAdvice and you can use this anytime by entering that code in Safari’s URL bar or following that link.

Another interesting shortcut @comex revealed is tellock://, which when entered will simply lock your phone in some strange way. In case you’re having trouble, the only way to get out of it is by locking your phone yourself, and unlocking it again.

Surprised? So are we. Clearly, this must be something Apple forgot about as there can’t be any use to it. It makes for a great prank to entertain your friends this Sunday, so make sure to check it out.