This might make you feel like you’re reading AppAdvice-TMZ for a minute, but you’ll be thrilled to hear that the world’s top jailbreak experts have made it to DEFCON this year in Las Vegas and they took advantage of the occasion to meet/party. In a photo posted by developer Justin Williams, from a party in a Las Vegas hotel room and tipped to us by, you might recognize many familiar faces. Such as:

  • Geohot – the very first jailbreaker, now working for Facebook (in the white t-shirt)
  • Posixninja – iPhone hacker (organizer of the party, in green)
  • Jay Freeman/Saurik – the man behind Cydia (in the left corner, with the beard)
  • NitoTV – AppleTV jailbreaker
  • Comex – the mastermind behind (next to Freeman?)
  • Reportedly, Musclenerd was also present at the event, but we’re unable to confirm whether he’s in this picture.

The reason for this meeting was a “#jailbreak” party, organized by P0sixninja in his hotel room during the conference. Clearly, they seem to be having a great time. Yet, we can’t see much alcohol or company around them, which some might argue is the key to their success. Either way, we can only hope that when so many great minds come together it will spark something exciting. As a reminder, Comex and Geohot have received some interesting awards at this year’s DEFCON, including a Pwnie for best client-side bug, as well as best song.