The talented jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has recently released a new tweak. It’s called “VoiceKeys,” and once installed, it allows users to dictate text to their iPhone.

If you’ve used a dictation app with your iPhone or even software with a desktop computer, you’ll know that – unless you talk with an “RP” accent – the results can vary. And VoiceKeys, which actually relies on Google’s own voice recognition service, is no different. However, as Redmond Pie notes, with a little perseverance it really does work.

The tweak doesn’t add an app icon to the Home screen, and can easily be activated via Action Menu. The only downside is that the tweak does require an Internet connection in order to translate speech into text (because it uses Google’s service).

Currently, VoiceKeys is available to download in Cydia for free. Take a look at the package now, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.