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Kno Brings New Features To iPad And Textbooks To Facebook

If you are always looking for a way to lighten up your school book-bag, it you would in your best interest to get an iPad and get Kno. With over 100,000 school textbooks, Kno is making learning easier and portable. Osman Rashid, CEO of Kno, had an interview with TechCrunch where he went over the new features, QuizMe and Journal, that Kno will be rolling out in time for this school year. QuizMe turns any text, images, or labeled diagrams into a test on memory. It blacks out the labels and brings up multiple choice questions. Journal is a digital notebook in the form of an activity stream. Everything else is demoed in the interview.   kno-facebook-quizme-journal Now, their newest endeavor is to bring the game changing iPad app to Facebook. The textbooks will be readable through a FB app via an HTML5 reader. Students could then sync their reading progress between their iPad and Facebook and post study questions or comments to their news feeds. This means one of two things. Either study groups will be much more effective, or students would have a reason to spend 27 hours a day on the social network. You pick.
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