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Madoff’s Clothing Becomes A Fashion Accessory For Your iPad

Entrepreneur John Vaccaro purchased some of Bernie Madoff’s clothing at a U.S. Marshals Service auction last year. What do you do with the clothing of the smarmiest operator of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme? Why not make iPad covers! Vaccaro set out to do just that, and now sells them online. Although they are listed at a hefty price tag, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase. The cases range from $250 to $500 and are from designers such as Murphy & Nye, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Banana Republic. Every cover is unique and they are all made from different pairs of Madoff’s pants. Some may include a pocket or even the original logo. Only two to four cases were made from each item of clothing, so they really are exclusive. If you shell out the bucks, you are almost guaranteed to be the only one in your office with this sporty look for your iPad. Although this is a clever idea, I think it is a bit expensive. Especially considering that financial scandal is what caused Madoff’s 150-year prison sentence. I am guessing anyone who was hurt by his actions will have no interest in owning this rare piece of history. Oh, one other detail to be aware of with these cases. They really do not protect your financial investment. Guess some things don’t change.