If you are a fan of the Electronic Arts title, Need for Speed Shift (which appears to be pulled for now), you may want to check out the follow-up sequel that recently hit the App Store. This second game is called Shift 2 Unleashed, and for iPad owners, Shift 2 Unleashed for iPad.

Need for Speed Shift is a series of racing titles mostly set in city landscapes. The games are quite different from other arcade-intense racing titles from EA — like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The Shift series games are more like sims than pure arcade action. Precise turning and steering is required in the Shift titles.

The game features three new locations that include the Black Forest, the deserts of Abu Dhabi, and the waterfronts of Rio. On top of this, Shift 2 offers 20 quick race trials, 40 events, and tons of different cars. An exclusive Pagani Huayra is also available for you to race with.

If you enjoy racing games in a city setting check out Shift 2 Unleashed. Both versions of the game are currently on sale so grab them while they are hot.

Shift 2 Unleashed for iPhone is temporarily available on the App Store for $2.99.

Shift 2 Unleashed for iPad is temporarily available on the App Store for $5.99.