Spacelings is an interesting, sci-fi themed, action-based puzzle game available on the App Store. It is available for all iDevices as a universal app. The game has just been updated to version 1.2 with brand new levels and other new content added as well.

Spacelings is an action puzzle game, with strategic gameplay elements, that has you trying to free creatures in outer space. You free these spacelings by sucking them up with a tractor beam from a robotic pod.

“After returning home from a deep space mission of exploration, the captain of the scout ship Liberator finds his peace loving homeworld attacked and the entire Spaceling population abducted by the mysterious mechanical Roborgs!” the app description states.

Besides the “over 100 levels,” the original game came with, the new 1.2 update added seven new ones. Other additions include new scrolling gestures, added retry/continue options, and iPod music support.

Spacelings also offers gamers the ability to play using either portrait or landscape orientation, a branching level structure, zero gravity gameplay, a variety of different enemies, tutorial and hints, and  huge replay value.

If you are looking for a new iDevice logic game, puzzler, or strategy title, check Spacelings out.

Spacelings is currently available on the App Store for $0.99.