Three weeks ago, we shared details with you about Game Doctor’s upcoming ZombieSmash release, which primarily offered multiplayer enjoyment. Fellow zombie apocalypse survivors, that update is now available! While you wait for it to download and install, here are some background and overview details.

ZombieSmash HD version 2.1 - Lost Hills

Multiplayer via Game Center in Lost Hills

In what appears too good to be true, Joey unexpectedly comes across another survivor, Danny, after all this time. Indeed, the feeling of relief quickly fades as Danny appears to be suffering from an extreme case of paranoia due to the stress and fear of fending off hordes of the undead as well. Unfortunately, this means Danny and Joey won’t be joining forces. Instead, it just adds another problem for each of them.

To begin an online multiplayer battle match, head to the campaign selection screen. As a reminder, tap on the photograph on the gameplay mode selection screen to select a campaign. Now, tap on the photo of Joey and Danny with “VS Battle” underneath to bring up the Game Center matchmaking. You can either invite a friend or allow Game Center to automatically select another ZombieSmash player from anywhere on the planet.

ZombieSmash HD version 2.1 - Camp Nowhere

Multiplayer via Game Center in Camp Nowhere

The selection of being Joey or Danny is random, and it really doesn’t matter anyway. Another simply cosmetic detail — but we know that matters to gamers — is the environment selection will randomly be the Camp Nowhere compound or Joey’s and David’s homes in Lost Hills. Wins and losses match results screens will appear after round, although, they reset when you connect with a new player.

Once you’ve connected with an opponent, there is one more step before you begin smashing and/or trashing. Tap the microphone symbol to welcome a voice chat session to do some trash talking, taunting, or sneaky distracting. Be certain to ready up in a timely fashion, or your adversary may leave.

ZombieSmash HD version 2.1 - Match Results

Match results screen with same opponent

From here, gameplay should seem familiar. You collect power-ups as you smash zombies in an attempt to stay alive, thereby winning the match. Those who’ve played ZombieSmash from the beginning will notice there are plenty of empty power-up boxes available during multiplayer. This is because you’ll be collecting both defensive and offensive weapons. Just as before, it’s up to you to decide when to best unleash them.

Playing several earlier today, I realized matches are quite short. It could be lack of defensive weapons accumulating as fast as a player would prefer, however, I’m guessing players, including myself, don’t quite have the most efficient play yet with sending zombies and looking out for our own structure. Can you survive the standard zombie onslaught, plus your new foe’s offenses?

ZombieSmash is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $.99. ZombieSmash HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99. Game Center features, including multiplayer, require iOS 4.1 or later.