Want to connect through video with your Facebook friends? ¬†Don’t wait on Facebook, there is now an app for that.

TinyChat FB is a new app that¬†allows you to video chat with up to 12 of your Facebook friends at a time straight from your iDevice. Oh, and no setup or downloads necessary. You just load up the app, login into you Facebook account and chat! It’s that simple.

The app works on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and also lets you chat with desktop users (given they’re willing to run a Flash app). Everyone is required to be using TinyChat’s service to connect. When you sign-in, you see your list of friends that are online. Tap a friend to request a video chat with them. To add new friends to the conference call, toggle back to your friends list and invite others or remove friends from the call by pressing long on their name in the users tab.

Of course, don’t expect FaceTime quality, but the ability to chat with that many people at a time will probably make it worth it anyway. Here it is on video, check it out:

TinyChat FB is available on the App Store now, free of charge.