AyeGear is a coat like no other. While offering gentle, warming protection from the elements, this clever piece of apparel also allows users to carry their iOS devices (and other techno-gadgets) with them in any of the 18 carefully constructed pockets which feature throughout the jacket itself.

I saw an AyeGear in person yesterday, at MyGreatFest, and it’s impressive. First, you wouldn’t think it’s packed out with pockets or is housing iOS devices, because when I saw the jacket’s creator, he looked just like he was wearing any normal body-warmer.

But he wasn’t. Because inside this particular jacket, you can keep an iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPad and a MacBook Air. The jacket also features space reserved for cables, cameras and the Camera Connection Kit. Furthermore, there’s room for your usual pocket-hoggers, such as loose change, glasses and keys.

This is just on the inside - there are more pockets outside of AyeGear, too

The space reserved for iPhones and iPod touch models are covered by “Finger Friendly” plastic, allowing users to still interact with their devices’ touch screens (as you can see in the lead image).

If you’re planning a holiday, this jacket could be the perfect means of transporting all of your electronic equipment with you. Currently, AyeGear is available to order online for £59.99, which is almost $95. It ships within the UK and internationally, too. For more information, head over to AyeGear’s website.


Apparently, AyeGear looks a lot like ScottVest. We’re not sure about the technicalities of this, and it isn’t really our problem – we were just showing off something we came across at MyGreatFest.