Gameloft has recently unveiled that they are busy at work to bring us the third title in the Gangstar series, according to Pocket Gamer. The game will be called Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and it is coming to both iOS and Android devices.

The Gangstar games are modeled after Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series and offer gameplay from a third-person perspective. They are action-oriented titles set in a criminal world full of drugs, money, theft, and mayhem. Players can throw people out of their cars to steal them, and shoot anyone in sight. They also offer sandbox-based gameplay with the freedom to go anywhere.

Gangstar 3 will take place in Rio de Janeiro, a city known for all sorts of action, including crime. Gameloft also released a trailer showing what to expect in terms of gameplay:

Lets hope the game will live up to previous efforts and improve some aspects like the AI and barren streets.