Dropico has released the first of its kind Google Plus Photo Importer app, available now for the iPhone/iPod touch. Available for $.99, the app allows users to instantly upload photos into Google Plus through Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Photobucket. The end result is very nice.

In order to use the service, you must first log into your Google Plus account, and then into each of your photo-sharing services. While this process is tedious at best, once it is done you don’t have to perform it again.

After your accounts are authenticated, you can select from one to 100 photos at a time to upload to Google Plus. Along the way, you’ll see a nice illustration showing two cartoon-like characters handing off the photos, one after the other.


Google Plus Photo Importer - Uploading My Photos

Google Plus Photo Importer - Uploading My Photos

Each photo can be added to an existing photo album or you can create one on the fly. Plus, your photo’s Metadata, its titles and descriptions, will automatically move between the photo sharing site and Google Plus.

Google Plus Photo Importer - My Photos

Google Plus Photo Importer - My Photos On Site

After testing the app using both Instagram and Facebook, we can confirm it functions as expected. Best of all, since Google Plus Photo Importer doesn’t actual use photos on your iPhone, the process doesn’t affect bandwidth or data usage.

Of course, if you are looking for a direct-to-Google Plus photo solution, this is not it. For that, we recommend Google’s native Plus app.

The Google Plus Photo Importer app is available now in the App Store and it comes highly recommended.