Stack bricks with a purpose in Sega’s latest arcade puzzle game, Brick People, for iPhone and iPad.

The hungry little Brick People are yearning for some tasty fruit snacks, but they just can’t reach them! It’s your job to build brick steps and structures in order to assist them in obtaining their healthy treats.

Climb Brick People, climb!

At the beginning of each mission you’ll be tasked with helping the Brick People obtain a specific amount of food, which you can keep track of at the top of the screen, before time expires. Since you don’t have direct control over the Brick People, you’ll have to place bricks in the most convenient spots in order to allow them to reach even the highest fruit.

You can grab an unlimited amount of bricks from either side of the screen and place them anywhere in the play area, even on the Brick People themselves. Don’t worry, they won’t be harmed, they’ll just climb right up the bricks. Not all Brick People are created equal, so you must pay attention to how they interact with the environment to complete each mission as quickly as possible.

Brick Monsters will occasionally cause you some trouble by hiding your fruit behind bricks. These same troublemakers will also require you to build specific shapes from your bricks in between missions. The faster your complete the shapes, the more bonus time you’ll receive for your next mission.

Brick People includes a single player mode with three difficulty levels, a head-to-head multiplayer mode that can be played locally over Bluetooth (iPad allows for same-device multiplayer), and full Game Center integration.

Brick People for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $.99, while Brick People HD for iPad is available for $1.99.

Brick Monster is demanding