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News360 (free, article).

Still looking for an iPad news app to call your favorite? Perhaps it’s time to check out the seven month-old News360 for iPad app, which recently received an impressive update.

Created by News360, the free app aggregates thousands of different news sources from around the web to bring you news stories – big and small – that you may find interesting across multiple categories.

When it first launched in February, News360 for iPad offered a hodgepodge of content, which wasn’t easy to customize. However, the app’s subsequent updates have changed this entirely. Now, stories are arranged into one or two main categories, with one focused entirely content that most interests you.

New Releases

Infect Them All HD ($0.99, article).

Infect Them All HD ($0.99) by Magic Cube may be yet another zombie game, but can there ever be too many ways to prepare for our impending doom when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits? Statistically, it’s unlikely you’ll manage to be one of the few zombie-fighting humans remaining, so Infect Them All is a great way to prepare for a future of consuming delicious, delicious brains.

Converse ($4.99, article).

Converse ($4.99) by Riot converts text from one language to another.

The app uses an Internet connection to translate between: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, and Dutch. The interface is about as simple as it gets. After the loading screen there is a single screen with two keyboards, each having a screen.

Select a language for each side. Typing a message on one side will translate it into the other side’s language. The field allows 60 characters for translation.

Showreel ($2.99, article).

Showreel ($2.99) by Riot is an iPad-only app that lets you watch official movie trailers in glorious high definition. More than just a trailer aggregator, this app formats your display to make you feel like you are watching it all on the big screen.

CBS Fall Preview (free, article).

Today, we focus on CBS, which seems to view the iPad as an advertising tool more than anything else.

Instead of releasing a fully functional iPad app, the Tiffany Network has instead offered up the CBS Fall Preview app.

The free app focuses primarily on the new shows set to debut this month or next, including “How to be a Gentleman,” “Unforgettable,” and “A Gifted Man,” among others.

Surprisingly, the app is amazing, if only as a marketing tool.

Madden NFL 12: Teams With Videos (free, but requires in-app purchases, article).

Forget leaves changing colors. For many, the arrival of the next version of Madden football is what really signifies the arrival of fall. Now, with Madden 12 available on game consoles and iDevices alike, a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad is available to help you play the game even better.


The best, most interesting app update to occur this week was for News360, which we’ve discussed above in our “App Of The Week” section of this article.

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