If you have ever Googled the name of an actor or the title of a movie, one of the top search results undoubtedly will be from IMDb, which stands for Internet Movie Database. The website and iOS app are among the most comprehensive TV, movie and celebrity databases around.

Now you can put your Hollywood knowledge to the test in their latest app IMDb Trivia. There are several types of trivia questions within this app such as photo matches, choosing the right answers before time runs out, matching quotes to a show or star, guessing the name of an actor in a blurred picture and more.

There are facts provided after the questions, so you can learn more about the different movies, shows or celebrities. There are also links to the IMDb website, which will provide even more information.

As you answer questions correctly, you will unlock more trivia packs, which contain new challenges. Once you master all of those, the fun does not stop, as there are also in-app purchase options for more trivia packs.

IMDb Trivia integrates with Game Center so you can compete against your friends and you can post your score on Facebook.

The app also has an airplane mode, so you can get your trivia fix anytime, even without an Internet connection.

IMDb Trivia is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Best of all, it is a free download in the App Store!