The modern Black Friday is a big day on every retail calendar, it’s when stores hope to cash in on consumers looking for a great bargain the day after Thanksgiving. Get your iPhone ready; we are learning about iOS tools that will help make your shopping experience a success. Introducing one of this year’s first app releases, Black Friday from

Black Friday will help you sort your deals by store and category, along with the ability to search for different products. You can compare prices on items and check to see if they are a doorbuster, have a rebate, are available online, and if they have free shipping. The best feature of the app are the push notifications each time a store ad is released!

You can create lists, flag certain deals as favorites, and go back to Black Friday website on to review your list. This app also comes preloaded with all of the 2010 content, but will refresh with this years information as soon as it is released.

Even though we are over a quarter of a year away from Christmas, some people like to plan ahead. If you want to know specifically how many days you have to shop, check out this nifty calendar. If you subtract 30, that is how many days there are until Black Friday.

Generally, Black Friday it is not a dark day such as other historical black Fridays, rather it is a day when retailers hope to make a profit. Holiday sales will put them in the black, taking them out of the red.

Each year, Black Friday seems to get more and more competitive. Black Friday by is a free app and it will help you prepare for that early morning experience as well as the competitive spirit found in the lines outside of the stores. It will be no time before we start seeing some of the leaked deals. And of course, keep watching AppAdvice, we will keep you up to date on any great Apple deals that are found!